Frosted Soil Sun

My new single "Frosted Soil Sun" was released on December 10, 2021. Listen now!

Thank the Pines

The "Thank The Pines" EP was released on September 18, 2020. Listen and download on iTunes, Spotify & Amazon!

Thank you to everyone who made this project possible.

Invisible Closet

Invisible Closet" is a gay anthem for the LGBT community and a message for family, friends and coworkers to respect the space of those who are not ready to come out yet. The term "Invisible Closet" expands on the idea of being “in the closet” (not having announced one's sexual identity) and brings the element of transparency, where it’s clear to others that someone is hiding their identity. As the chorus exclaims “if you call my name and I don’t come out know that I first had to find it”. It's about respect and allowing people to discover who they are before imposing who they might be. Listen and download on iTunes, Spotify & Amazon!

Home Again

Listen and download "Home Again"on iTunes, Spotify & Amazon!

4th of July

Written in memory of my grandfather.

Succulent Song  

For everyone who has lost their lovely plants.

Invisible Closet

"Invisible Closet", recorded and filmed in Valencia, Spain.