To be released December 10, 2021.

About the song:

Frosted Soil Sun is an ethereal experience. The lyrics meet at the intersection of poetic phrases and everyday language. Feelings of heartache and uncertainty linger in the synth. The vocals, high and soft, soothe the losses. Frosted Soil Sun is a breakup song, but it’s not redundant. It carries a new sound, a new lyric, and a new perspective.

“I can't touch you but you're still touching me”

A personal note:

"I’m not entirely sure how I came up with such a peculiar title. But it makes a lot of sense to me. It’s warm and earthy but tainted. I don’t know if that will resonate with anyone else or if people will just perceive it as cool or weird.

I wrote this as I was going through a breakup. We only dated for a few months, but they were the one person I told everything to and spent most of my time with. A lot of queer relationships move really fast, and that’s sort of the norm, so I didn’t think much of it.

If I’m being honest, it was pretty toxic. I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I didn’t have the space to be on my own. When I tried to break up with them, they convinced me we needed to stay together. They wouldn’t accept the breakup. It felt impossible to leave, so I stayed a bit longer. That seems silly to me now. I know I should have broken things off then and there, but I was trying really hard.

I wrote this song for myself. It was never intended for other people. I just had something I really needed to get off my chest. But I think a lot of people can relate to the feeling of not knowing if you can let go of someone and what you'll do without them."

Short Bio:

Sara Gougeon is a contemporary folk artist. Gougeon writes heart-wrenching lyrics that she gently tucks into sweet, folky melodies. She's a seamstress of words, quilting together songs that you find yourself wrapped up in. Using stories and personal experiences, she crafts songs that are honest and relatable.


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