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Sara Gougeon is an entrepreneur, event planner, writer, singer-songwriter, and music promoter. She's a multi-passionate individual who is developing an entertainment and event-planning business, Pineworks Creative. Through Pineworks Creative, Gougeon founded Queerfest, a festival that promotes LGBTQ+ music. Pineworks Creative also helps other companies develop their businesses, promote stunning music, and create a better music industry.

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Queerfest provides opportunities for LGBTQ+ identifying artists and bands. We book monthly shows and an annual festival that create spaces for the LGBTQ+ community to gather, celebrate, and connect.

In 2022, Queerfest was named "Best New Music Festival" by The Nashville Scene.

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Pineworks Creative

Pineworks Creative is my entertainment event planning organization. We book live entertainment, specializing in the promotion of LGBTQ+ music, and support other events, including Folk Alliance International.

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